ekijalanjalan.com profileHi! My name’s Eki. I’m a language teacher and a translator. Traveling is one of my passions, and this blog is my way of sharing my travel experiences with you.

I have traveled quite extensively, both within my own country, Indonesia, and overseas; for leisure as well as for business. Up until now, I have mostly kept the experiences I’ve got from these travels to myself or shared them in my personal blog and Facebook. Now, I want to do more about them – write them, document them, share them – so that I can keep the memories alive and help others in their own travels.

I  name this blog “Eki Jalan-Jalan”. The first word in the title, Eki, is of course my name, the person and the story teller behind this blog. The word Jalan-Jalan, meanwhile, is an Indonesian word that means strolling, traveling, or excursion.

Indonesians use the word jalan-jalan for just about anything that can relax their body and mind – from a short walk around the neighbourhood, the parks, the city, and the countryside to places of interest farther afield and even overseas. Jalan-jalan, in other words, is a way of relaxing, taking a break or getting away from what we HAVE TO do like work or study or any other ‘tiring’ routines so that we may refresh our energy to go back to those things.

Jalan-jalan is a unique word indeed. Being a bilingual, I don’t think I have ever found any words quite like it in English. And, just in case you did not notice, jalan-jalan is actually a reduplication (repetition) of the word jalan, which, in itself, means road, path, street, avenue, or walk, go, move, or start. So, jalan-jalan is, in a way and for me, a double encouragement for taking to the road, for going and starting something new, something that will refresh our perspectives on things, something that will re-energize the life’s energy within and rejuvenate our mind and body. And that’s why I LOVE this word just as I love traveling and finding new things in life.

That being said, welcome to my jalan-jalan stories. I hope they will inspire and encourage you to travel yourself and explore what’s out there so that you will find your refreshed, re-energized and rejuvenated inner self to appreciate how good life is and what a wonderful world we live in.

Ayo jalan-jalan! – Let’s travel!